Outline for First Affirmative Constructive

Read: Argumentative Reasoning–First Affirmative Constructive Speech Outline

A prepared outline for the first affirmative constructive speech for a Parliamentary format debate on comprehensive immigration reform.

Debate was a large part of my time in college. I competed on the debate team where we did policy debate, a type of competitive debate that revolved around evidence building. For this class however, this particular assignment was for taught parliamentary debate, which also revolves around research, but allows more anecdotal evidence and subjective arguments (that’s not to say that “parli” debate is inferior). This parliamentary class was especially hard. The amount of research required was dense: at least 15 pieces of evidence per group member—we had four members in each group. Our instructor was very specific as well, so everything that was researched was accounted for. The speeches themselves were easily guided with our typed speeches. Our chosen topic was heavy, and many factors had to be considered. Rebuttals were prepared on both sides for both sides. I can’t remember who won—the main point of this was to be able to apply argumentative theory and make arguments and consider other arguments and follow speech conventions. That’s it.


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