Content Analysis of Nonprofit Organizations

Read: Content Analysis of Nonprofit OrganizationsNonprofit Content Analysis – Presentation and Findings

The aim of this descriptive content analysis is to gain insight into US-based nonprofit organizations and how they compare to one another based on their goals and values. To achieve this, the mission statements and organization descriptions from each nonprofit’s “about us” sections of their websites were coded. Recently, The Daily Muse compiled a list of the top ten nonprofit organizations employees loved to work for. This list acted as the sample message pool for this analysis. Includes slideshow for verbal presentation of findings.

This project was the largest quantitative study I performed for my undergrad. Before this, I had done smaller survey studies that didn’t go beyond a day of data gathering. This project however was done over the course of a few weeks, with multiple people being involved in the coding. I find this paper important because it is probably the most quantitative I can get in this particular field of study. It can at least serve as a model for future studies I’d like to do on my own, if that ever happens.


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