Initiating Change in Food Sustainability

Read: Initiating Change in Food Sustainability: Or, How Seattle Can Be a Model for Municipal Governments to Generate Urban Agricultural Reform via Legislation Changes and Community Programs

Seattle is considered one of the pioneers in today’s urban agricultural movement. This essay examines various aspects of the city’s success in urban agriculture in order to provide a model for other cities to start their own trends towards sustainability.

In this case study looking at Seattle’s urban agriculture programs, I do my best to provide examples of how municipalities can jump start a larger focus on urban agriculture in smaller communities. This paper required communication with an expert from my region of choice, but I didn’t have time to interview her (I procrastinated). Instead I dug deep into peer-reviewed quantitative studies on Seattle’s programs that contained a lot of numbers. I feel this paper is fairly basic and bare-bones and not comprehensive enough, but I still like it for its political quality. Whatever that means. I had a little fun with that really long subtitle.


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